Personal Recovery Stories


This page is designated to all the brave people in our community who live with a severe and persistent mental illness that were willing to share their stories. Every year, the SCCBI hosts two Stakeholders Meetings where we recognize the achievements of what people have overcome to not let their mental illnesses define their lives. We gather to share stories of lived experiences and the journeys of recovery.

Here are the stories from years past:


From the September 2014 meeting:

Jim W.

From the April 2015 meeting:

Joanne R. 

Althea L.

From the September 2015 meeting:

Patti H

Shamrock A

From the April 2016 meeting:

Gwen S

From the September 2016 meeting:

Kathy N

Karynn F 


From the April 2017 Meeting

Althea L

Eric H


From the September 2017 Meeting

Pam M

Julie VN



From the September 2018 Meeting 

Tammy M

Susie S



From the April 2019 Meeting 

Brian G


Linda M



From the September 2019 Meeting

Heather P


Victoria B



From the September 2021 Meeting

Carol S


Teri H-B


  From the April 2022 Meeting

Luann R

Luann shares her life story and family history. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  Misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.  ETC therapy and 2 years in St. Peter's psychiatric hospital.  She has overcome harsh conditions and many trials yet she offers no complaints.  Instead she stays proud of her accomplishments and values her friends.