Program Objective

The objective of the SCCBI was established in 1995 by the Minnesota Legislature.  In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, and in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the SCCBI was established for the purpose of significantly improving availability and access to a comprehensive array of community-based mental health services for persons recovering from a serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) by consolidating categorical funding streams and service delivery fragmentation that has focused on programs rather than people in need of services for adults with SPMI.  Each funded “Initiative” is established to:

  1. Provide expanded and integrated community-based services individually tailored to meet each consumers needs;
  2. Incorporate purchasing strategies that improve access and coordination of care without cost shifting; 
  3. Incorporate existing Regional Treatment Center (RTC) human resources and facilities into the existing community mental health infrastructure in coordination with Local Mental Health Authorities (the counties) and their respective stakeholders; 
  4. Utilize existing categorical funding streams and reimbursement sources, excluding RTC and State-Operated appropriations, in combined and creative ways. 
  5. Examine the local/regional mental health service delivery system, identifying shortcomings, and designing new and innovative models of care and programs that will meet individual consumer needs; 
  6. Maximize resources in new and creative partnerships that expand capacity by reducing duplication and increasing efficiency.